As a company we put a simple poll together of what we’d like to do for our quarterly away day. It seemed everyone had a mini viking killer in them and decided to opt for an adventure day out, that included Axe Throwing. You want to throw axes, you will throw axes troops!

Axe throwing team photo

We had many activities to get through before we got to throw axes and pretending it wasn’t a competition but a battlefield set in the 1300s! The order of the day followed with:

  • 10am briefing
  • Off road go-karting
  • Argocat driving - like a mini tank
  • Lunch with tea and cake
  • Quad Biking
  • Axe Throwing
  • Clay Pigeon Shooting

"CFO, David, had no regard of safety"

As you can see a lot to get through in one day! It became apparent that our newly appointed CFO, David, had no regard of safety and or any spacial awareness and took out every cone on the track possible. Do not get in a car with this man! I’m not sure how many times one of us was told to slow down and to stop ploughing through cones, but it was a lot, and I apologise to the instructors for my teams very poor driving skills. I on the other was a sight to be marvelled at, it was like watching Jenson Button win the 2009 World Championship…...ok, I might be slightly exaggerating.

The Argocat was a bit of a disappointment, well it was after driving the go-karts as it was like driving a Giant Turtle with metal levers, in any case it prepared us to wind down for some well deserved cake and lunch. After gorging on burgers, chips, tea and cake it was time to pick things back up.

Gareth saw to that.

Axe throwing gareth

Gareth enjoyed rolling his Quad Bike down a hill and writing off his vehicle, pretending the “accelerator got stuck”, off course it did Gareth! It’s my credit card they have on file! The Quad Biking was great though, racing through the mud and in the woods dodging trees and ploughing through rivers.

Next was the much awaited Axe throwing. We found out who had a lot of built up anger in this event, we also realised that it doesn’t work if you try and break the sound barrier when throwing the axe, it won’t help hit the target. It’s all about technique…..that’s what everyone kept telling me anyway.

"The smell of graphite, Mmmmm the smell."

If any partners or retailers feel they have an issue, don't bring your issues up with Jasper, Simon or Jack. They are dangerous. Even without trying these boys managed to get their axes in the centre of the wooden targets. It was like shelling peas for them. Easy. I must remember this when doing appraisals or giving feedback that they can throw sharp things very accurately.

Last but not least, we embarked on firing 25 rounds into the air at clay pigeons. The smell of graphite, Mmmmm the smell. So lovely.

As the team grows its becoming even more important to take a step back and enjoy each others company in a non work environment that is actually in work hours. We do this every 3 months and take a Friday off to enjoy something fun and different. It’ll certainly get harder as the team grows substantially over the next 9/12 months, but hey, that’s a challenge that I welcome.

Now you've read my blog post why not watch our team outing video which was created using footage from everybody's phones.