As the UK follows suit with much of Europe with a second wave of COVID-19 sweeping the country, once again the fabric of our society and the way we go about our everyday lives will change (and already has for many millions of people up and down the country).

The UK high street has suffered greatly since lockdown in March; with the list of retailers and brands entering into administration growing week on week and countless jobs which depend on its success on the line, there is a desperate need of support to encourage people to start spending again.

How you can help

Many employers are increasingly using gift cards to reward employees. However, anything over £50 is subject to tax (HMRC Trivial Benefits Allowance), unlike in countries like Ireland and Sweden where the tax-free limit is £500. The mission of the Gift Card & Voucher Association’s (GCVA) #giftcard500 campaign is simple: raise the tax-free limit to £500.

According to research from the GCVA, 98% of gift cards are spent within a year of being received (50% within days), meaning the boost will have an immediate effect. The raising of the tax-free limit to £500 would serve as a simple and quick solution to get spending flowing again, rewarding employees and supporting jobs.

To date the petition currently has 300 signatures; 200 shy of its 500 target. We’re sure with your help the campaign can reach that target! To support the campaign simply visit the page and sign the petition, it really is that simple.