Local software company Tillo is working with Brighton and Hove charity Chomp over the summer holidays to provide essential food and fun activities to low-income and disadvantaged families affected by the Covid-19 crisis.

Chomp delivers weekly packs providing nutritious food (including fresh fruit and vegetables), toiletries, recipe ideas and art and craft activities or toys to these households. Tillo is funding the packs for six weeks, which will support around 120 local families throughout the summer holidays.

A team of Tillo employees is helping to pack and distribute the deliveries. The company is also providing an emergency school uniform fund to help households without the means to buy new uniforms when children return to school.

“During the Covid-19 crisis, some families have struggled to find the money to buy food, particularly those entitled to free school meals, single-parent and low-income households, and those affected by disability or health issues,” says Vanessa O’Shea, Chomp Lead. “Entertaining children during lockdown has also been a big challenge, so Chomp’s packs are providing much-needed supplies for these families.”

“As a technology provider underpinning the government-recommended agency delivering free school meal vouchers, we’re aware of the hardship that many households are suffering during the Covid-19 crisis,” says Alex Preece, Co-founder and MD, Tillo. “We’re delighted to be working with Chomp to provide vital support for families in need during the summer holidays.”

About Tillo

Based in Brighton, Tillo connects the world’s most popular brands with businesses looking for exciting new ways to reward and incentivise using gift cards.

Tillo helps brands or businesses to drive sales and reach new global audiences, all through one easy-to-use digital platform. It connects brands with businesses across its extensive network, opening up multiple new distribution channels and allowing them to manage sales, all in real time. For businesses looking to reward and incentivise their customers, Tillo offers on-demand access to gift cards from the widest selection of the world’s favourite brands.

About Chomp

Chomp is a school holiday lunch club providing nutritional food and fun activities for families suffering financial pressure when schools are closed. Typically offering free on-site hot lunches and activities during the holidays, it has redesigned its services during the Covid-19 restrictions to provide deliveries of food and activity packs to families in need.

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