Giftcloud has renewed its contract with Tillo to provide it with a rich variety of digital gift cards worldwide, streamlining the process of managing content from different retailers.

The agreement allows Giftcloud’s global business to deliver a large choice of digital rewards to consumers instantly, seamlessly and scalably through a single API.

“Digital gift cards offer our users a greater range of choices for shopping, experiences, gifts and rewards,” says Stuart Lawrence, Business Development Director at Giftcloud. “Having worked with Tillo in the past, we were confident that its platform could help us provide a wider range of great offers, without the complexity of managing and scaling rewards from many different retailers, and with greater operational ease.”

Giftcloud, which was purchased by Groupon in 2018, provides a digital platform supplying ‘real-time’ digital gift cards from more than 80 major retailers, as well as creative and innovative rewards marketing campaigns, incentivising strategies and branded portals.

The partnership enables Giftcloud to build and strengthen direct relationships with major brands, allowing it to create bespoke agreements while providing a platform to set up and run strategic marketing campaigns quickly and simply. This will help it to re-engage dormant users and incentivise lower-spending ones.

“Demand for instant and personalised digital rewards is creating rapid growth in the global gift card market,” says Alex Preece, Co-founder and COO, Tillo. “We’re delighted that Giftcloud has chosen Tillo to round out its offering with access to the widest range of branded gift cards through a single, easy-to-use platform.”

About Tillo

Tillo connects the world’s most popular brands with businesses looking for exciting new ways to reward and incentivise using gift cards.

Tillo unlocks a world of new opportunity for brands or businesses to drive sales and reach new global audiences, all through one easy-to-use digital platform. It connects brands with businesses across its extensive network, opening up multiple new distribution channels and allowing them to manage sales, all in real-time. For businesses looking to reward and incentivise their customers, Tillo offers on-demand access to gift cards from the widest selection of the world’s favourite brands.

About Giftcloud

Giftcloud (a Groupon company) is a digital gift card service. Founded in 2014, the company specialises in customer acquisition, loyalty and retention strategies, as well as ‘giving the gift of giving’.

Working with some of the world’s biggest gift card brands, including, Tesco, Marks & Spencer, John Lewis and Argos, Giftcloud offers an ideal solution to business needs. Now, as part of the Groupon family, Giftcloud is in a strong position for growth in a market worth £6bn per year.