With our latest partner product release, we’re making it quicker and easier to deliver gift codes to your customers!

As you will know, up to now you could only download a file of your gift card order. So, if you placed a 100 card order for Amazon then you would get a file of 100 codes or URLs and would have to distribute them manually. This works fine in many scenarios where the order is for one customer or not actually for an end customer yet and just re-stocking. However for those partners who know exactly who the individual end recipient is then this is an unnecessary complication.

Save time with Buy and Send

That’s why we’ve just launched our Buy and Send feature. At Tillo we’ve always been able to do this via the API but for our customers who are Hub users only this was not the case.

With our Buy and Send functionality you can upload a file with each card you want to order, who you want to send it too as well as a personal message etc. Then you can simply continue your purchase just like your other Hub orders but instead of a file to download, we email the codes directly - simple!

You can check it out below…

Buy and send