Customer expectations are always on the rise, today’s great new product release is tomorrows table stakes.

You cannot afford to rest on your laurels. 

This is especially true for software companies and that is why you have to move fast to survive and even faster to grow. This is something that I am particularly proud of here at Tillo.

We have always moved pretty quickly but with Covid-19 we, like a lot of companies have had to change the way we work. However, the change to remote working has not slowed us down, not at all!

At the time of writing this, our release rate during lockdown is 2.3 releases a week. This is actually higher than what we achieved in 2019 as well as our pre-lockdown level.

Quality releases

These have not been bug releases either, we have released some amazing new features and products, and here are just two of my personal favourites:

  • Bulk ordering - we have done a complete re-imagining on ordering gift cards via the Hub. Gone are the days of uploading spreadsheets and in its place a far quicker shopping experience. Quick enough for customers to create and complete their orders in 11 seconds!
  • Relationship Support - we built Tillo to make things easier, faster and slicker. To foster long term relationships for our brands and partners alike. So, in order to provide our brands with everything they need to pre-approve our ever-growing premium partner network we have new tools for user journeys and case studies to be added to partner profiles. With all the extra information this makes the approval process much quicker for everyone.

We have so much more to come with new products and features close to getting live. If you are a Brand keep a lookout for our new insights and learnings offering. If you are a Partner you will soon be taking advantage of our new vastly improved payments infrastructure!

Team effort

This is an incredible achievement for the team (and I mean the whole team from Product, Tech, Design, Customer Support, Account Management, Sales, People and Finance).

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Choose forward-thinking

Lots of companies have to make important decisions on who to partner with and not just due to Covid-19. My advice is to choose one which is always improving and innovating and not one basking in past glories!