So, today’s the day. We’ve been dying to share some pretty big news with you all for some time now, and finally the time has come. But we need to do this properly. First off, some introductions are needed…

We’d like you to meet Tillo.

Tillo img

Tillo is our brand new vision for the future of brand currency, connecting the world’s most popular brands with businesses looking for innovative new ways to reward and incentivise. We’ve taken everything we’ve learnt whilst operating as Reward Cloud and created something bold and new, and ready to further transform the retail landscape.

But before we go much further we know there are a few things we need to clear up. For a start you may be wondering about our new name. What’s changed, and why have we done it?

Allow us to explain. When we first launched Reward Cloud three years ago the gift card industry was a very different place. It faced a number of pretty crippling challenges and despite what was happening in other industries, very little digital adoption or growth seemed to be taking place, which seemed like a missed opportunity given the size of the market (worth around £8billion in the UK alone). We saw the chance to shake things up, and a digital revolution was born.

Our initial focus was B2B, and in a relatively short time our robust API platform helped the industry to evolve into the thriving market it is today. Businesses began to change how they thought about gift cards as we continued to open up new and exciting ways for their customers to shop the brands they love. Our technology helped transform the humble plastic gift card into the most dynamic way to shop smarter.

But as the market grew so did we- and so did our aspirations. As a result of increasing client demand (2018 saw a massive 257% increase in transactions, with over £100million spent across our network) we have continued to design, build and deploy more new and innovative products and services for both our partners and brands as well as increasing our international offering-something we want to build on.

So it felt like the time was right to take all that we had achieved as a team and a business to the next level. With the help of branding gurus Koto we have not only given the company a bit of a makeover (hello new name, new logo, new colours and swanky new Brighton offices-more on that later), we’ve also taken the chance to sit down and really think about what our company’s mission, vision and values are going forward.

As Tillo we will continue to focus on building the very best tools and standalone products to drive the market forward, empowering brands to use their currency in meaningful new ways through one easy to use world-class platform.

We also intend to continue our expansion internationally, allowing our retailers to talk to a much larger audience while opening up new and exciting distribution channels. We hope that these efforts will not only further cement our position as the industry's technology pioneer, but encourage new up and coming retailers to see the true value of brand currency, and how it can transform how they do business. As the lines between payments, gift cards, rewards and loyalty blur we firmly believe the future of this industry will be digital, and built upon agile technology like ours.

So there you have it. The same, but also different. Hence the new name-Tillo. A new name for an exciting new era. Whether you’re buying or selling brand currency Tillo is your partner for success. The future sure looks bright, and we can’t wait to get started.

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